This organization was created to benefit actors in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas and actors who go between SF and LA; those who plan to move to LA as well as those who don’t plan to move; and those who won’t move to LA unless their career demands it!

To achieve this broad vision I am connecting Bay Area actors with working casting directors. Actors must begin networking and building those relationships in LA if they intend to have careers there. This is a networking business! Building relationships with casting directors is a critical step in the longevity of one’s career – and an acting career is a marathon, not a sprint! It is imperative actors have their finger on the pulse of what is required by the industry - and who better to inform them of trends in casting (and in the business) than those on the front lines? I also love to show the casting directors the level of quality of our actors, as well as our enthusiasm, positive attitude, and supportive team mentality!

I am also working to connect actors with the highest quality LA acting teachers available. To change the attitude of the industry toward Bay Area actors, we must elevate the level of our work.  

I have many other plans in the works to bring this amazing community of Bay Area actors together - events, classes, services, resources - stay tuned!


The Bay to LA Actors Network is bonded (#100295114 American Contractors Indemnity Company) and following all Casting Society of America Workshop Guidelines. Our events are generally full-day educational intensives designed for the working actor to practice their acting and auditioning skills; to network with casting directors, industry professionals and other actors; to get feedback from professionals who work with actors for a living; and to learn about the business of television and film from people actively working inside the industry. 

Click flyers to enlarge. Questions? Contact

CSA disclaimer: These workshops are a learning experience. They are not auditions or employment opportunities. When the workshops are over, the casting directors/casting associates (whichever is applicable) teaching the workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.


Rachel Dill Class
Ani Avetyan Class

ACTING WORKSHOP with casting associate RACHEL DILL, June 22, $150 ($125 for SAG-AFTRA members)

Actors will be assigned two scenes, one comedic and one dramatic to prepare before the class. Actors will perform prepared material 1x1 with a reader and get feedback and re-direction.

SCENE STUDY with Casting Director ANI AVETYAN, July 27, $150 ($125 for SAG-AFTRA members)

Actors will work on two guest star scenes with feedback and redirection (cold read).

IMPROV SHOW - The 6-Week Character-Based Improv Class culminated in a final performance at the Shelton Theater in SF on 7/29. It was a ton of fun! Thanks to our audience for your delicious suggestions and participation!


I love classes and workshops. I love hearing what each casting director has to say and how some CDs are polar opposites, while many are similar in their preferences. One overwhelming thing I’ve learned in over a decade of attending classes is that the casting directors are always rooting for you to succeed. They always want YOU to be the solution to their problem! I believe attending classes and building relationships with CDs is just one brick in the foundation of an acting career.  Demystifying the casting process takes the stress out of the big auditions when you get them, and hearing first hand from the CDs how actors are but one cog in the great production machine relieves the pressure we put on ourselves. We only need to learn to bring our best work and walk away and forget it. I encourage everyone to attend educational intensives and see for themselves! 

–Kristi Swensson Burdsall


There are training options for actors all over the Bay Area, but few that would be recognized by an LA casting director or agent. The Bay to LA Actors Network wants to connect actors with the highest quality training available. These teachers, whom are each professionally trained, experienced in the field, highly rated and beloved by their students,  have agreed to share their gifts with us in the form of in-person classes and tele-classes (since they are all based in Los Angeles). Each offers a different type of training, each valuable to an actor for a multitude of reasons. Try one, try them all! 

Kate McGregor-Stewart is a Master Teacher who has coached Oscar winners, child stars and everyone in between. Her personal coaching clients include Marisa Tomei, Lucy Lawless, Woody Harrelson, Ricky Whittle, and many more. Kate has been brought in to coach on productions everywhere from Paramount to Disney to Universal; from feature film and television sets to coaching actors before series shooting begins. She has taught at her alma mater, Yale University, as well as at Syracuse University, NYU Undergraduate School of Drama, The Actors Institute in NYC, as well as the UCLA Graduate School of Theater, Film and Television. 

Kate's Website / Kate's IMDB

Due to Kate's extensive coaching schedule, we are privileged to have access to her via TELECLASS (Skype/FaceTime). We are in Silicon Valley - the technology capital of the world - and we make it work for us! Currently we offer teleclasses in San Jose approximately every other Monday evening, from 6:30-9:30pm. For more info on training with Kate, her approach to the work or the class format, please contact

Enrollments for Kate’s class are monthly (month to month). Although Kate prefers you to stay in class consistently and for at least 3 months (6 classes), we understand that due to actor’s schedules and bookings that sometimes isn’t possible and students will occasionally pop in and out of class. Kate expects you to attend both classes each month; If you cannot attend BOTH classes in a month, you must email Kate and let her know -

Kate's next classes (limited to 10 students): 


April 8 & April 22, 7-9:30pm; May 13 & May 20, 7-9:30pm; June dates TBD

First class of month will have a topic or theme, and acting exercises specifically related to that topic. The second class will be material related to the theme/topic.



$100 per month, or $60 for single class. Send payment directly to Kate via PayPal or Google Wallet, Include in the notes section SAN JOSE CLASS and the DATES you will be attending. There are no refunds, however if you know in advance you will not be able to attend a class you paid for (more than 24 hrs in advance) you can make arrangements with Kate for credit.


Tina D'Elia

Tina D'Elia

Tina D'Elia is a performance coach, casting director for Nina Henninger Casting and an acting teacher. She teaches on ongoing monthly film and TV acting class in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Description: "Authentic Actor" On-Camera acting class for all levels of Actors. She will cover: warm-ups, audition technique on-camera, cold read practice, improv, scene study and script analysis, and students will gain insight from an industry perspective. Each class is limited to 12 people.  

I'm teaching "Magic Moments" for the next Authentic Actor Class series.

If you are getting out there setting goals, setting an intention, and preparing for more auditions, a new agent, submitting to projects, seeking representation outside of the Bay Area. Bring your questions and thoughts to class. I will have a cold read side for everyone or let me know if you are working on a monologue for a audition or agent. 


-Warm-ups for Acting

-On-Camera Acting scenes, monologues from Film/TV Scene will be given in class. Every actor will perform their scene twice in class.

-Offering industry perspective with regards to auditions and professional acting.


There are no refunds, however, you can use your prepaid class towards a future 

class. For inquiries please contact Tina D’Elia Consulting (415) 312-1470 or email:

Kristi Swensson Burdsall

Kristi Swensson Burdsall

Acting is the only creative pursuit you cannot practice alone. When your job entails LISTENING, and connecting with other people, practice is ESSENTIAL.  Actor’s Weekly Workout is an On-camera drop in class for professional actors or actors intending to go professional. If you want to build a muscle and make it strong, you must exercise it regularly. Think of it like going to the gym…for your craft.

Don't want to commit to a long training program? Have you just finished a long training program and aren't sure what to do next? Have a busy schedule and don't know your availability from week to week? Wondering why you aren't booking more? Just want to explore the business? Can't afford a big financial commitment? Want something FUN and LOW STRESS to look forward to every week? Just want to make more friends? Join us! Whatever your training method, whatever your level of experience, you have something to gain and something to contribute to this class. Even non-actors are welcomed to join in and learn listening, communicating and connecting skills that can put be put to use in everyday life.

Each week will be different, but here is some of what we will do:

Cold-reading - Co-star practice (under-5's) - Monologue roulette (making choices quickly)

Breaking down scripts quickly (scene analysis) - Comedy shortcuts (breaking down comedy quickly)

Character shortcuts (create a character quickly) - Acting games (Improv, sense memory and physicalization games)

(If there is interest:) Commercial practice - Teleprompter experience

All performances will be taped and watched during class. Watching your performances are essential if you intend to pursue a career in front of the camera! This is a visual medium! Plus the camera will be your best teacher. For more information or questions about the class - contact


TUITION - The point being, it should be AFFORDABLE, accessible and FUN!:  $40 per class if you drop in, or discounts for paying in advance: 1 month/4 classes = $35 per class ($140/month); 2 months/8 classes = $30/class ($240), or pay for 3 months/12 classes only $25/class ($300). Classes do not need to be taken consecutively, can be used at student’s discretion. There are NO REFUNDS but if you know you cannot make it and you give me 24 hours notice, you can put your tuition towards another class.

To Drop in to a class: (please note the date you will attend)

To sign up for a month: (4 Thursdays)

TIME: Thursday evenings, 6:30-9:30pm - MARCH IS WEDNESDAY NIGHTS

**NEW** SUNDAYS - March 10, 17, 24, 31 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm

LOCATION: SVBC, 1900 Camden Ave, San Jose 95124

To sign up for 2 months: (8 Thursdays)

To sign up for 3 months: (12 Thursdays)


Weekly Workout Payment Options

Facilitating Weekly Workout is Kristi Swensson-Burdsall. She has worked as an actress in the Bay Area and Los Angeles for over twenty five years, and been on the TV show "Torchwood" on STARZ, as well as in the shows "I (Almost) Got Away With it", "Wives with Knives" and "Love Kills" on the Investigation Discovery Channel. She works steadily in independent film and voiceover and is the voice of global travel corporation, BCD Travel. Kristi studied drama at San Diego State and San Jose State Universities, and has studied several techniques, including Meisner, Stanislavsky and others.


Kristi is a mother to three amazingly funny kids (and one furry baby), and in 2016 founded The Bay to LA Actors Network, an organization that helps Bay Area actors expand into the LA market through workshops and classes with LA-based casting directors and acting teachers ( She loves helping artists on any part of their creative journey and seeks to create a loving, supportive environment where everyone can learn, grow and thrive.


I envision a world where an actor can live anywhere they want and be able to work in any market they choose. I don’t think that because one lives outside of Hollywood they should be excluded from working in that market. Perhaps that's naive. But with the advent of self-taped auditions and electronic self-submissions, there isn't any reason to be excluding talent that is located geographically in a different area. Of course this means ANY market – the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Chicago, Texas, Vancouver – if an actor is a good fit, they should be given a shot. If they have excellent training, with top-rated teachers, and they just happen to be somewhere else and can get themselves to LA for the callback... why not?


Many actors that live outside of LA feel that they have no shot at working in that market – but with The Bay to LA Actors Network we want to break down the walls of that belief! 


What I hope to ultimately achieve as a result of this network is to grow the reputation of Bay Area actors as highly trained, competent, creative professionals who are excellent resources. Just as the industry looks at Australian and British actors as hot commodities, I would love for the industry to look at actors from the Bay Area with the same sort of esteem. Knowing we have the finest quality training and that we train seriously and consistently; that we work as hard or harder because we are grateful for the opportunities; that we are creative and make exciting choices and that we are ready and willing to work; And that the reason we don’t have as many TV and film credits is simply because we lack opportunity, not because we lack talent!               

          -Kristi Swensson Burdsall, General Manager, The Bay to LA Actors Network




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Mailing Address: 1769 Hillsdale Ave. #24605, San Jose, CA 95154    Phone: 408-560-9765

if you are looking for more information about classes and workshops, or if you are interested in teaching a class or workshop, contact:


Workshops and classes are held in san bruno, san francisco, or san jose. refer to the specific flyer for more information. 



The Bay to LA Actors Network was founded by Kristi Swensson Burdsall, but born of the ideas of several people with the same vision: to be working actors, and to find a way to break into the LA market. I love acting, and I love actors. I desire for those around me to succeed and I feel that anyone's success is shared success. I want to grow this community with love, support and encouragement, and welcome actors of all ages and levels of experience! Follow @kisburd on Instagram and Twitter for motivational posts!

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